Zanu (PF) Hits At Zim Exiled Radio Stations

The radio stations were pushed to operate outside the country after the government closed space for new media players.
Zanu (PF), which held its 13th annual people’s conference in Gweru last week, stated in its resolutions that Western sanctions imposed on the 88 year old Mugabe and his close associates, over rights abuses, must be removed.

The party, which is facing stiff competition from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, to lead government in elections next year, accused Western nations of sponsoring what it termed pirate radio stations to effect regime change.

“Dismayed by the continuing violation of international law which has undermined the GPA through the sponsorship of pirate radio stations by the British, American and Dutch governments that respectively sponsor SW Africa, Studio Seven and VOP,” Zanu (PF) stated in its conference resolutions.

The party went on and said it “condemns the American, British and Dutch governments, for violating international law and undermining the GPA guaranteed by the SADC and the AU, through sponsorship of pirate radio stations in aid of their political proxies with intentions to effect regime change.”

The party accused the European Union (EU), America and “white” Commonwealth countries “for supplying ICT gadgets such as cellphones, decoders, radios to communities to create conditions for the broadcast and spread of falsehoods to distort so as to undermine confidence in the electoral process and trigger Arab style unrest.” Reuters