ZANU (PF) is Lying on SADC Resolutions: MDC Tells Diplomats

The meeting of the MDC-T and the diplomats comes at a time when Zanu (PF) has been claiming victory of the just ended summit.

Zanu (PF) has been spreading information that Livingstone summit which was critical of President Robert Mugabe and his party over violence was discarded by the Sandton meeting. The MDC has said the summit endorsed the Livingstone summit resolutions.

The Livingstone summit by the Sadc troika on politics, security and defence resolved that, “there must be an immediate end of violence, intimidation, hate speech, harassment, and any other form of action that contradicts the letter and spirit of GPA” and that “all stakeholders to the GPA should implement all the provisions of the GPA and create a conducive environment for peace, security, and free political activity.”

Jameson Timba, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s top aide told journalists that the meeting with the envoys is normal as the party was explaining or reporting back to ambassadors of what transpired in Johannesburg.

“The ambassadors who attended the summit told us that they are surprised by the levels of misinformation in the country by the media. I am happy two thirds of the ambassadors from the continent were in Sandton and know what the resolutions of the summit said,” Timba told journalists after meeting the ambassadors.

“There is no difference between what was adopted in Livingstone and what was adopted in Sandton. Sandton effectively just implemented the recommendations and resolutions of Livingstone and this came from two reports which came from President Jacob Zuma”, said Timba.