Zanu PF Jingles In ZBC's Top 50 Musical Videos

Traditionally the television show aired on New Year’s eve, is sponsored by various companies and individuals but presenters said the 2010 selection had been done by ZBC to show its maturity.

Some of the Zanu (PF) jingles selected by ZBC to be the best musical videos included Team ndikusetere team and Baba Mugabe sang by the Mbare Chimurenga choir and the born free crew, a group of Zanu (PF) youth.

Presenters of the programme, Godfrey Gweje, Patricia Jacob, Lucy Ngosolo and Kanyemba Bonzo announced that ZBC ‘this year’ had decided to go it alone without sponsors because ‘it had grown’.

“As ZBC we have grown. We now have two TV stations and five radio stations and this time we are not having sponsors on board.”

ZBC spokesperson Sivhukile Smango, however, denied that advertisers and sponsors turned their backs on the programme.

“Who told you that the programme had no sponsors? In fact we are still receiving e-mails from viewers and the draw is not yet over. We are going to announce prizes of the winning videos next week, “he told Radio VOP in a telephone interview without divulging who the sponsors were.