Zanu PF Launches Propaganda Newsletters In Rural Areas

The MDC, under Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, publishes two newsletters, The Changing Times, for the party, as well as The Prime
Minister’s Newsletter, which highlights the party’s position and developments in the inclusive government. The two publications have
proved to be a people’s favorite.

Not to be outdone, president Robert Mugabe has so far published two issues of the two new publications following the closure of the party newspaper, The Voice, which also churned party propaganda.

Radio VOP recently witnessed the two tabloids – which have the same colours and masthead as those of the MDC-T – being distributed by Zanu PF youth, free of charge, to information starved villagers in Domborembavha and Munyaradzi communal areas in Gutu.

The Insider had a lead story titled, ‘MDC paying lip service to corruption’. The story alleges that the anti corruption drive in the party is targeting ‘small fish’, amid allegations that Tendai Biti, who is the party secretary general and Finance Minister in the inclusive government, is involved in a $13 000 000 scam. Quoting un-named sources, the paper alleges Biti bought Tsoko lodge in Nyanga from the misappropriated funds from donors which he held in the absence of MDC-T treasurer general, Roy Bennet, who was in exile in South Africa and now facing treason charges.

The Zimbabwe Today carried long columns from well known Zanu PF sympathisers, Reason Wafawarova and Tafataona Mahoso,
denouncing the West over sanctions.

Zimbabwe Today’s motto, ‘What the man on the streets needs to know about Zimbabwe’, does not live true as some its articles carry difficult words that would need the reader, the ordinary man in the street, to constantly consult the dictionary.

Political analyst Takavafira Zhou said he got wind of the two newsletters being circulated in Masvingo, but rubbished them as a
‘desperate attempt by a desperate party’.

“They are trying in vain to discredit the MDC-T, despite having control of Zimpapers and The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBH). But I know the people will no longer buy their propaganda,” Zhou said.