Zanu PF, MDC clash over Bikita clinic project

By Diana Gondongwe

Zanu PF Bikita East constituency is accusing MDC Alliance Ward 15 Councillor Samson Dzinodya of hijacking the Nerumedzo Clinic project.

The ruling party has since prepared a report to counter Dzinodya’s own version of the story which implicates the area’s Member of Parliament (MP) Johnson Madhuku.

Dzinodya was recently quoted in the media accusing Madhuku of sending three ruling party youths and two police officers to stop the construction of a toilet at the project site.

In their report dated April 29, the Zanu PF leadership in the area, however, accuses Dzinodya of hijacking the project which they claim was initiated by the ruling party’s former MP, the late Kennedy Matimba (pictured) in his personal capacity.

“Mr Dzinodya came in as the new ward 15 councillor after the 2018 harmonised elections and hijacked the project which was not a project by his predecessor, the Zanu PF councillor Cde Ishmael Kanjera. Dzinodya stole our bricks and used them to build a toilet at the site. This is a parallel and impermissible project,” reads part of the report, which also makes it clear that they want Dzinodya to pay for the bricks.

Dzinodya, however, said the cement was bought using money from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) that was availed by parliament by Matimba.

“The bricks were moulded using CDF and I am surprised by Zanu PF’s actions because this has nothing to do with politics or personal gains but this is the development that the people of Zimbabwe need. People of Nerumedzo village walk for 11km to Silveira Hospital or Negovana Clinic for treatment,” said Dzinodya.

TellZim News has also learnt that Matimba had made an agreement with Chief Nerumedzo and his local traditional leaders to build Nerumedzo Clinic.

Matimba made an internal agreement with Zanu PF youths to mould concrete bricks and provide free labour so as to construct the clinic as a way of campaigning for the ruling party.

The late MP promised to provide $1300 towards the training of the 26 youths who had volunteered to do the job.

Matimba later died before releasing the money and current MP Johnson Madhuku took over and promised to pay the money in full thereby making the project a Zanu PF property.

TellZim News