Zanu (PF) Militia Threatens Gokwe Council Members

Gokwe town council Chair Darlington Mudondo told Radio VOP on Tuesday that Gokwe councillors were leaving in fear as Zanu (PF) militia, led by a local notorious party leader Mike Gwasha, were visiting each councillor’s homestead with the threatening notices.

“Gwasha and his team are saying the inclusive government is expiring on 11 February and that’s when the MDC council should also end. They are saying that their party has been lenient to us for the past two years and come 11 February we should hand over power to them. Besides threatening the council they are also intimidating the ordinary people warning them that terror was imminent.

“What we have realised is that they want to intimidate the electorate starting from the MDC leadership here, and we have since told them that we are as well prepared for anything, “he said.

MDC-T Midlands provincial Chair Cephas Zimuti confirmed that he had received reports of Gokwe councillors being intimidated.

Zimuti said they had however not reported the case to the police as it was a mere waste of time.