Zanu PF Militia To Serve Five Years

Chiredzi resident magistrate Enias Magate imprisoned war veterans Patie Hwarare (54), Killioth Mukanya (56) and Beria Muronda (53) after finding them guilty of assaulting Shumai Teererai with sticks, logs, fists and booted feet for not voting for president Robert Mugabe in the initial March 2008 harmonized elections.

It is the state’s case that on June 3 2008, the trio, who were camped at Seeth Block Beer Hall in Mkwasine, sent youths to summon the complainant to attend a Zanu PF meeting at their base at around 1800hrs.

The stick wielding youths force-marched Teererai, a mother of three, to the base where they accused her of not voting for Mugabe. Out of fear, the complainant admitted that she had voted for losing Mavambo/Dawn/Khusile project president, Simba Makoni.

The youths severely assaulted her, forcing her to roll on the ground and leaving her for dead. Teererai regained consciousness at Chiredzi general Hospital.

Teererai made a police report the following day, but the war veterans were only arrested three months after.

Liberty Hove appeared for the state.