Zanu PF minister says MDC needs historical orientation

By Stephen Chadenga

Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage minister Kazembe Kazembe last week
said the opposition MDC party needs re orientation through
appreciation of museums and historical monuments for its members to be
Speaking after a recent tour of Gweru military museum, Kazembe said
the history depicted at the museum, particularly that of of the
liberation struggle brought memories of nationalism and identity and a
sense of patriotism.
Without directly mentioning MDC Kazembe said ‘our counterparts’ (in
the opposition) need to visit such places to instill a sense of
patriotism among their members.
“What we saw today (Thursday) brings nostalgia on efforts made by
gallant sons of the liberation struggle to ensure we have an identity
as a people,”he said.
“Such history enables us to have direction and a sense of patriotism.
If you scrutinise the actions of our colleagues (in the opposition)
that is when you realise they need to visit these places (museums and
historical monuments) for them to be patriotic,’.
Giving an example of China he said the Asian country got it right when
they went to the basics of who they were as a people.
“China realised the need to go back to the basics and that is when
they embarked on the cultural revolution,”he said.
“Look at where they are now, the world’s second biggest economy. So
appreciating where we came from as a people will bring development to
our nation.”
Kazembe said the department of museums and national monuments was key
in attaining the country’s vision 2030 economic goals.
But MDC deputy national spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka dismissed
Kazembe’s sentiments and said the Zanu PF politician thinks that
patriotism means love for Zanu PF.
“The truth is that patriotism means love for the country and the MDC
certainly is a patriotic party,”he said.
“Those who are not patriotic are in Zanu PF. They don’t love this
country. They are making citizens suffer through sheer cluelessness
and that have fleeced this country of billions of dollars as the
looting of the command agriculture has shown.”
He added: “The public accounts committee chaired by MDC vice
president, Tendai Biti has exposed the massive rot in most state
programmes and state enterprises. The evidence of our patriotism is
there for all to see that is why we continue to expose the massive rot
in the country.”
MDC nationbal chairperson and proportional representation legislator,
Thabitha Khumalo echoed the same sentiments and said the Zanu PF
minister was “hallucinating” in lecturing the opposition party on
“Zanu PF is the one letting women and children and the generality of
people suffer and so it is the biggest unpatriotic party in the
history of Zimbabwe,”she said.