Zanu PF monkey business exposed

By Beven Takunda

Mutoko, July 22, 2013-Villagers in Kapondoro have exposed a Zanu PF plot to force them to vote for the former ruling party through forcing them to form election guided groups.

Some disgruntled villagers told Radio VOP that the party’s area chairperson only identified as Dingidzai Kapondoro is coercing and organizing villagers into groups of 50 people and allocating them leaders who will ‘assist’ them at polling stations to vote during the harmonised elections scheduled for July 31.

Villagers told a Radio VOP news crew at the weekend that they were advised that their allocated group leaders will on the voting day show them who to vote for.

“We are having daily meetings here where we are being told that we should not go to voting alone. They (Zanu PF leaders) are grouping us into groups of fifty people, and each group will be led by their youths, whom they want to assist us when casting the vote,” said a villager who declined to be named for fear of victimisation.


Another villager said, “This time they are not talking of violence but only reminding us of the consequences of 2008 Presidential runoff .They are saying we should vote resoundingly for President Robert Mugabe and avoid another Presidential runoff hence instructing us that we should be guided by their militia on the voting day, “said the villager.


MDC-T aspiring parliamentary candidate for Mutoko East constituency, Abel Samakande, confirmed the incident saying his party supporters are being coerced to form groups that will be guided on the election day.

“This is a worrisome development because if our members refuse to join the groups they will be victimized. So as the aspiring MP for the area I am encouraging our supporters to attend the meetings, join the groups but vote for MDC-T on the election date. What I am emphasizing to them is that when casting the ballot no one will be watching them and I am confident that they are taking the massage,” Samakande said.


Radio VOP could not get a comment from Kapondoro during the visit as he was reported to be engaged in a village mobilizing activity.


It also emerged during the visit to Mutoko that nearly everyone in the area is being forced to put on Zanu PF political campaign regalia, which included T-shirts and caps.