Zanu-PF MPs Mortify Tsvangirai

A few minutes before the budget presentation when Prime Minister entered the house Zanu-PF legislators stood up and started to cheer up on the Premier singing

“Mukuwasha auya,mukuwasha auya ,tambirai mukuwasha wedu auya”making  Tsvangirai feel uncomfortable.

Feeling disturbed by the noise and the cheering up Tsvangirai quickly took seat near his party’s organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and started talking as if he was no hearing what the house was singing.

To add petrol on fire Zanu-PF legislator for Goromonzi Beater Nyamupinga Sister to Tsvangirai’s ‘new wife’ Locadia Karimatsenga who was seated at the other wing of the gallery walked down to where Tsvangirai was seated and shook him hands.

“Maiguru avo mavaona, vakunokwazisa mukwasha wedu”the legislators shouted with joy,again this time with a lot of noise which echoed the whole gallery.

Prime Minister is said to have married a businesswoman Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo in a traditional ceremony on Monday, and paid a bride price of US$36,000 and 10 cows.

His first wife, Susan, died when they were involved in a car crash not long after he had joined President Robert Mugabe in a unity government in 2009.

 He on Thursday however denied that he ever married the sister of Zanu-PF legislator, Locadia Karimatsenga on Monday at a ceremony held in Christon Bank near Mazoe.

Instead his aides say he had only gone there to pay damages for impregnating Karimatsenga who is carrying twins.

Reports say MDC sources said Tsvangirai might have been pressured to pay damages for impregnating Karimatsenga and as he was doing so he was trapped when the whole event was turned into an actual marriage ceremony.

The premier is said to be very unhappy about the whole incident which started on Friday when Karimatsenga suddenly turned up at his Strathaven home to become a live in lover.

Tsvangirai’s camp insist that the Karimatsenga family rushed to inform the media of the “marriage” to make sure that the Prime Minister would not “come out of the relationship” easily.

Despite the denials by the Tsvangirai camp, Zanu-PF MP for Goromonzi Beater Nyamupinga all but firmly confirmed the marriage.