Zanu (PF) Officials, Youths Invade Gold Rich Wildlife Conservancy

Hordes of Zanu (PF) officials and youths invaded the farm earlier this week under the guise of indigenisation. A white commercial farmer Nicole Terrence who owns the conservancy had to call the police who did nothing to stop Zanu (PF) youths from demarcating the area for mining purposes.

Terrence argues the area is not suitable for mining as it shelters various species of wildlife and any mining activity would endanger the existence of wildlife.

There are also fears that wildlife might flee the enclosure and encroach to a nearby highway thereby causing road carnage, many accidents along the Bulawayo – Beitbridge highway have been caused by stray animals.

However Zanu (PF) leaders including politburo member Abedinico Ncube spent the weekend coercing people to invade the farm so they can achieve economic independence.

Rennie Kibi the party’s secretary for Administration in Matabeleland South is also among the Zanu (PF) officials interested in the total takeover of the Ranch.

Youth in mining Council of Zimbabwe committee member Buletsi Nyathi lamented the illegal takeover of the conservancy saying only a few Zanu (PF) individuals would benefit.

“The sad thing is that gold mined there will not benefit the people of Matabeleland but a few greedy Zanu (PF) officials eager to grab the little that’s left”, said Nyathi.