Zanu-PF Plans To Hijack Mupfurutsa's Projects

Zanu-PF acting provincial chairman Reuben Marumahoko had no kind words to a Salvation Army Major Mubaiwa who requested for limited time for those paying last respect saying “It is our time and church leaders must not be here to preach during funerals”.

 Marumahoko saw Mupfurutsa’s burial as an opportune time for campaigns saying, “Cde Beremauro (Hurungwe Central MP) you must finish off Mupfurutsa projects here”.

 Not to be outdone, Webster Shamu said Zanu-PF leadership must accord the late musician a status for his role in bringing development to Hurungwe.

“Zanu-PF recognised the roles of musicians such as late Simon Chimbetu and Mupfurutsa ” he said.

Wilson Makanyaire of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) laughed off the campaign by Zanu-PF big wigs saying it is unfortunate that desperate to win votes Zanu-PF grabbed the burial of an apolitical artist.

“We are surprised that Zanu-PF hijacked the funeral and removed all those not aligned to the former ruling party from speakers list. Mupfurutsa was apolitical and we cherished his developmental plans for the area regardless of political persuasion.

“It is unfortunate that Zanu-PF leaders want to cheat villagers here. He was neither Zanu PF nor MDC”.

“Mupfurutsa’s body must be turning in the grave especially after Shamu’s comments alleging that Mupfurutsa fought hard against sanctions,” added Makanyaire.

Mupfurutsa who started working as an unqualified teacher in 1976 before joining Hurungwe and Zvimba rural district councils as secretary had development at heart.

When he went to Harare venturing into insurance companies where he formed companies he assisted in sourcing furniture for most schools in education starved Hurungwe district.

He sponsored drilling of a borehole within his village and graded a gravel road linking to his homestead yet to be completed.

At the time of his death he had plans of assisting his community build health facility.