Zanu PF Politicise Food Distribution

The maize and seed being distributed was sourced through government’s Grain Marketing Board and is reported to be having President Mugabe’s sticker pasted on the container plastic bags in an apparent bid to deny their party’s opponents the staple.

Itai Charumbuka, MDC-T Muzarabani North district chairman told Radio VOP in an exclusive interview Friday, Zanu PF aligned headmen were colluding with some GMB officials and CIO agents in the area to deny known MDC supporters maize.

“Seed is delivered with Mugabe’s stickers,” he said.

“We as MDC have insisted Mugabe is the country’s President and not only a Zanu PF president but they claim Mugabe is the leader of Zanu PF and as such the grain should be distributed to Zanu PF supporters only.”

Charumbuka said MDC supporters were not allowed to look for alternative sources of the seed and maize by militant Zanu PF supporters.

He said they now rely on earnings from food-for-work schemes outside the affected wards and some compassionate Zanu PF supporters or MDC-T forced defectors who secretly share their allocations with them.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo could not be reached for comment.

However, cases of MDC supporters being denied food assistance are rife in Zimbabwe’s poor rural areas.

In some cases, Zanu PF is accused of grabbing food donated from international donor organisations to distribute it among its card carrying members.