Zanu (PF) Printing Company Fails To Pay Workers

“We have gone for ten months without pay. For several months they have just been giving us $100 a month to pay rent and we have been living on promises that we will get our salaries,” said a worker at the Workington Jongwe Printers factory.

Jongwe Printers prints material used by Zanu (PF) party such as speeches, handbooks, the Voice newspaper and eulogy material used at National Heroes Acre events.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Philemon Dapi told Radio VOP that the workers who are complaining are not sincere and lying about the situation at the company.

“We use a performance appraisal system and pay people accordingly. Those complaining are not doing well but as a company we are doing well and have never failed to pay our workers. You can come and see for yourself how we are doing,” said Dapi.

In 2009, parliament dumped Jongwe Printers after it called off a contract to print the Hansard – the official record of all parliamentary debates. This was after Jongwe Printers had failed to
honour the contract for seven months.

Jongwe Printers is one of the several Zanu (PF) aligned companies which are on European Union (EU) sanctions.

A financial report presented at the party’s last conference held in Bulawayo last December showed that several Zanu (PF) companies Zidco, Jongwe printers, Treger Holdings, Ottawa and aircraft catering company, Catercraft were facing viability challenges.