Zanu PF Provincial Chairpersons Vow Mugabe Support

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Harare, July 25, 2016 – TEN Zanu PF provincial chairpersons have vowed support for President Robert Mugabe while dismissing the controversial communiqué authored by pro-Mnangagwa war veterans who were bashing the 92 year-old leader.

Hundreds of war veterans under Chris Mutsvangwa’s chairmanship last week congregated in Harare where they took time to castigate President Mugabe’s “dictatorial” leadership.

They further described the veteran leader as manipulative and out of touch with reality and strongly affirmed support for Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over from President Mugabe.

The defiant group also said they had withdrawn their support for Mugabe, who stands accused of fanning divisions in the party while siding with a Zanu PF camp that is rooting for first lady, Grace to take over from him.

The release of the damning communiqué has unsettled both government and Zanu PF with defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi and war veterans minister Tshinga Dube taking turns to rubbish the war veterans position.

Similarly, the Zanu PF top leadership in the country’s ten provinces also issued a joint statement condemning the defiant stance by the country’s former liberators.

“We the chairpersons of the Zanu PF representing the 10 provinces of the country; We are alarmed by the statement issued out of a meeting of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association held at Ralton Sports Club in Harare on Thursday 21 July,” read their statement in part.

The chairpersons further said the war veterans’ statement was an insult to their leader.

“Our concern is with the substance and form of the statement which impugn the person and office of the President of the Republic and commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and patron of the ZNLWVA.”

The Zanu PF provincial point men described the document as treasonous, adding that it did not speak to the needs of all the war veterans.

Added the chairpersons: “We condemn in the strongest of terms the reckless statement including those who authored this treasonous document. We recognise that this statement does not speak to all war veterans whom we respect, but to a few malcontents bent on dividing the party.

“As Zanu PF provincial chairpersons from all the provinces of Zimbabwe, we affirm our strong and unconditional support for our iconic President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and we wish him well in discharging the people’s mandate.

“We wish to further remind the ZNLWVA that Zanu PF was borne out of the unity accord and that any efforts to undermine that unity are a blatant attempt to divide the party and the people of Zimbabwe and diverting the attention of the party and government from critical service delivery.


“The mischief and malice and malice has shocked all of us as Zanu PF chairpersons.”