Zanu (PF) Ropes Musicians In Indigenisation Drive

Under the indigenisation programme, foreign owned companies operating in Zimbabwe have to allow locals to have 51% shareholding in those entities in five years.

Zanu (PF)’s Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment secretariat led by Saviour Kasukuwere has engaged will launch a pop music CD and DVD on the controversial programme on Thursday.

President will launch the CD and DVD while Kasukuwere who is the minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment is the guest of honour.

Songbird, Diana Samkange has a song, Indigenisation: Chimurenga Chekupedzisira/Umvukela Wokucina on the CD.

The other songs are done by youths from the Bornfree crew who have in the past recorded songs extolling the virtues of President Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Kasukuwere said Diana’s song is a musical masterpiece that is certain to capture the hearts and minds of the nation and to inspire everyone, “especially the ‘maninja folks out there’, to be proud of the natural resources that God has given to our nation to benefit all of its indigenous people regardless of their political affiliation”.

“It is very heartwarming to see a young and talented person like Diana and her counterparts who have performed this inspiring song and video in her usual exemplary way which matches the best international standards,” he said.

“It shows that the indigenisation message is resonating everywhere in our minds, hearts and rhythms. Our indigenisation policy and law and this song are communicating one and the same thing and that is that Zimbabwe’s natural wealth should be in the hands of none other than the indigenous people of this great country.

Samkange said she was excited about the launch of the CD and DVD which has been in the pipeline for a while. “We have been working on this great track since last April and to finally have it on the airwaves is a dream come true not just for me but the entire team involved in the production. I hope everyone will enjoy the song as much as we enjoyed making it,” she said.

The indigenisation programme has rattled foreign investors. To date Kasukuwere’s ministry has already approved indigenisation plans of mining firms and has said it will crack the whip in the financial services sector.