Zanu PF Senator Heckled At Church

The church members were meeting at their traditional Maranyanga worshiping camp- about 20 kilometers out of Masvingo town.
Hungwe, who registered his intension to be part of the Apostolic sect last weekend, pleaded to have time to share some message but ‘abused’ the opportunity and started to campaign for his Zanu (PF) party.
“We thought he was genuine when he said he had something burning that he wanted to share with us but unfortunately he started to tell us that we must vote for Zanu (PF) because it’s a party from God,” said Elder Raphel Maponda.
“He started to attack other political parties saying they have evil intensions of reversing what was gained 30 years ago.”
Maponda said followers started to heckle the embattled sanator before Elders of the church intervened and asked the governor to stop.
“We had no option, we stood up and told him to sit down. However, instead of observing orders, he did not wait for us to finish the service, he just drove off,” said the Elder.
Hungwe, however, denied the incident.
“My message was well received, they liked it. I was never booed. I did not stay longer because I was tired,” he said. Hungwe said he was tired because of his earlier involvement with the Independence celebrations in the city.

But church followers said they will never allow him to preach to them about Zanu (PF).