Zanu (PF) Senator Seeks Class Action Against EU Over Sanctions

In a motion before the senate, Georgias, demanded that the Western powers withdraw the targeted measures. President Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) party insist the sanctions are full-blown and not targeted.

“Disturbed that the real victims of the sanctions are the ordinary and poor people of Zimbabwe, aware that the sanctions on Zimbabwe are punitive, generally political and a tool for the continued domination
of developing countries, I now therefore resolve to call on the inclusive government to constitute a class action against the EU at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) of First Instance against the illegal, unjustified, hostile and racial sanctions,” reads part of Georgias motion.

He demanded that the West withdraw the measures as well as an end to what the Zanu (PF) politician describe as the West’s propaganda against Zimbabwe.

“(The inclusive government should) mobilise international support for the repeal of the sanctions and unlocking of bilateral aid and financial support as well as international good will,” read the motion.

The EU, which imposed the sanctions in 2001 citing a flawed elections and gross human rights abuses, has maintained that it will not remove the measures due to on-going human rights violation although in
February it struck off 35 Zanu (PF) officials as a gesture of good will.