ZANU PF Setting Militia Bases: ZESN

ZESN in a statement released Friday said, “ the Southern African Development Community (SADC) must continue to work with the main political parties in the unity government to ensure that there is an independent electoral management body, a new voters roll is updated, and that  there is “zero tolerance on politically motivated violence – before, during and after elections, upholding of freedoms of association, assembly, expression, political choice/activity, movement, speech, media and repeal of all repressive laws.”

The electoral non governmental organisation said local, regional and international observers must be invited early in the country before any election is held in the country for them to monitor the electoral processes.

“Of major concern to the Network is the observation by its members in Mashonaland Central and Mashonaland West, of the fact that campaign bases have been resuscitated. These “bases” in the run up to the June 2008 Presidential Run-off Election were used in the commission of torture and gross violation of individual rights,” ZESN said in a statement after its annual general meeting.

“Observers reported “bases” that have been set up in Mudzi Kotwa, Muzarabani South at Chiwashira, Mazowe at Fox Farm, Mazowe at Negomo, Mazowe at Nzvimbo Council Hall, Rushinga at Kasanga Primary School and Chakari Hall. We strongly reiterate our call on the demolition of these structures of violence which continue to perpetuate an atmosphere of fear in communities”, added ZESN.

“As talk of elections continues to confound many Zimbabweans, ZESN calls upon political parties in the Global Political Agreement to seriously address fundamental reforms that will give legitimacy and credibility to any future elections in the country,” ZESN said.
The three main political parties Zanu PF  and the two MDC formations are still busy negotiating the roadmap to fresh elections in the country which is expected to be tabled and approved before the full Sadc annual summit in August.

The Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai is calling for serious security sector reforms before any election, Zanu PF is opposed to the security sector reforms. The MDC accuses the security institutions of abusing their roles by using the army and the police to victimise their supporters and officials. The police have been preventing the MDC  from holding critical rallies in Harare.