Zanu (PF) Shocking New Constitution Proposals

The proposals, contained in a 29-page document in Radio VOP’s possession, seeks an overhaul to nearly all the 18 chapters of the draft constitution, raising fears Zanu (PF) wants to delay the conclusion of the drafting of the new constitution.

Zanu (PF) insiders told Radio VOP that the strategy would enable President Mugabe to unilaterally call for fresh polls under the Lancaster House constitution.

President Mugabe wants fresh polls to end the acrimonious government of national unity. However, the just-ended Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit, which was held in Angola to discuss the political fall-out in Harare, insisted that elections should be held once all outstanding issues in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) have been finalised.

Regarding the election of the President, Mugabe’s party wants 50 percent plus one to be a constitutional matter and not statutory.

The issue of the election of the President was covered under the Electoral Act but now Zanu (PF) wants it enshrined in the new constitution.

Zanu (PF) opposes devolution of power to the provinces, the National Prosecuting Authority, the Constitutional Court, the Truth and Reconciliation.

The party also wants the removal of a clause in the draft barring the military from dabbling in politics. It further proposes the removal of a clause, which says the President should first seek parliamentary approval before declaring war. It proposes that the President should be allowed to unilaterally declare war without the input of legislators, or unbridled Presidential powers to declare war. The party advocates for unlimited ministerial appointments by the President.

In the preamble, the party wants removal and insertion of certain words the party feels resonates with its ideologies and aspirations. For instance in paragraph 1 of the preamble, Zanu (PF) wants the “oppression” to be added after “domination.” In Paragraph 2 it wants the words “and heroes and heroines” added after the words “men and women.” In paragraph 3 they want “forebears replaced with “founding fathers and mothers”, among other mundane additions.

“What Zanu (PF) urgently needs is sound, legal advice,” commented a COPAC official on the new Zanu (PF) demands.