Zanu (PF) Supporters And War Vets Demand To Exhume Rhodes' Grave

Mguni-Sikhosana is the former Zanu (PF) Bulawayo provincial executive member and also wife to Zanu PF’s 60 year- old national youth chairman Absolom Sikhosana.

Speaking to Radio VOP on Thursday Magwizi said they received a call from Chief Masuku in Matopos on Thursday alerting that Mguni-Sikhosana and her group had visited him demanding to exhume Rhodes’ grave and send his remains to Britain.

“We received a call from Chief Masuku notifying us that some Zanu (PF) supporters and Zanla war veterans led by Mguni visited him, saying they wanted to exhume Rhodes’s grave. We are shocked by the behaviour of these people, they should be arrested,” said Magwizi.

Magwizi added: “We wonder where there are getting permission and guts to do that, because that is a respected and protected area”.

Matopos Hills are within a government national park and Rhodes’ grave is guarded by police 24 hours a day.

In 2010 Cain Mathema, the Zanu (PF)  governor of Bulawayo once blamed Rhodes’ protected grave within the Malindidzimu Shrine (resting place of spirits) in Matopos Hills,  for the lack of rain around  Matabeleland region.

Rhodes an English-born South African businessman, mining magnate, and politician was an ardent believer in British colonial imperialism; he was the founder of the state of Rhodesia which was named after him.

He died in Cape Town in 1902 at the age of (48) but wanted to be buried in the country named after him, Rhodesia. In 1980, Rhodesia, was granted independence by Britain and was renamed Zimbabwe.