Zanu PF Supporters Stage Demo To Counter Anti-Mugabe Protests

By Staff Reporter

Harare, July 20, 2016 – THOUSANDS of Zanu PF youths have staged a demonstration in Harare to counter the current wave of anti-government protests against President Robert Mugabe’s failed leadership.

This follows threats by the party youth league to stage a series of demonstrations as a response to the current wave of anti-government protests by activists.

Recent protests have seen a day’s shut down of the country and businesses closed shop and workers stayed away from their workplaces to protest growing poverty, corruption, joblesses, among other ills blamed on the long serving Zanu PF regime.

The architects of the shut-down, #ThisFlag and Tajamuka activist groups have unsettled the state with continued threats to call for more stay-aways.

Zanu PF youths vowed recently they will not allow the growing siege against the veteran leader to continue.

During Wednesday’s protests, speaker after speaker chanted slogans against #ThisFlag founder pastor Evan Mawarire, who was Tuesday slammed by President Mugabe for allegedly fanning hatred against the country’s beleaguered leadership.

Members of the youth league and women’s league were part of Wednesday’s protests.

Innocent Hamandishe intimated that youths were tired of “teaching those who don’t know….it is now time to deal with people who don’t know.”

The statement is viewed as insinuating an application of violence in dealing with those who are politically incorrect in Zanu PF’s eyes.

Harare CBD streets were chaotic as party followers marched to the Zanu PF headquarters chanting party slogans and singing in praise of President Mugabe.


Critics have described the Zanu PF youths as myopic for allegedly “marching against themselves” as they were also affected by the current economic crisis that has seen crippling cash shortages.