Zanu (PF) Supporters Turn Rowdy At Parliament Opening

Clad in party regalia and holding 300mls bottles of cascade drinks and empty alcohol bottles, the violent youth demonstrated against Movement for Democratic Change party led by Morgan Tsvangirai who is also the country’s Prime minister through singing derogatory  songs.

“Terera unzwe kutonga VaMugabe  ndivo  varikutonga,Tinoita zvaJune Zvikaramba ZveInclusive Government, and to hell with Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC puppet party ,”are some of the songs which they were singing while President Mugabe  was inspecting the  guard  of Honor made up of soldiers from the Presidential guard.

Police did not do anything to stop the rowdy crowd.

MDC legislator for Mutasa Central Trevor Saruwaka described the action by the youth as saddening.

“It’s disappointing to note that the police are not taking any action against these youth who are denouncing some partners in the inclusive government at a venue where government business not party business is
being held, “he said.

After the end of the  session an unidentified drunken woman who was leading the youth said: “We are done with the sell-out. They  will never  rule  this country as long as Mugabe  is alive. Lets get back  to 4th street Zanu (PF) provincial headquarters and get into our  buses, because the business of today is over.”

The procession then ran along Nelson Mandela Avenue heading 4th street en-route to their party’s Harare provincial head office where their buses were parked.

Efforts to get  a comment from police chief spokesperson Wayne Bvudzijena  to explain why the Zanu (PF) youth were not arrested for disturbing parliament proceedings were fruitless as his mobile phone
was not reachable.

Last week Clerk of parliament Austin Zvoma said no demonstrations were allowed by political  parties  during the opening  of  parliament.