Zanu (PF) Suspends Bulawayo Chairman

“His actions point to defiance and arrogance, especially when he was ordered by members of the Central Committee resident here in Bulawayo to call for a meeting,” said Zanu (PF) Bulawayo Province vice chairman Killian Sibanda who has taken over as acting chairman.

He was suspended by the party’s Bulawayo Province Coordinating Committee at a meeting held at the Zanu (PF) provincial headquarters in the city.

Zanu (PF) youths had been calling for Dakamela’s removal accusing him of incompetence. In August last year the youths passed a vote of no confidence in him. They accused him of receiving “protection fees” from foreign business people in the city to guard against invasion of their buildings by the party activists.

Since June last year Zanu (PF) youths in Bulawayo have been seizing buildings located in the central business district owned by Indian and Italian families.

The buildings that have been invaded so far include Zambesia and Canberra Flats located between Leopold Takawira and Sixth Avenue and owned by Laloo family, also of Indian origin. The militant youths have also grabbed the Capri which houses the Pizzaghetti owned by Di Palma family who are of Italian origin.

The takeover of the buildings in Bulawayo caused divisions between the party’s provincial executive and the youths. Dakamela,on numerous occasions had voiced his concern at the takeover of city buildings by the party youths who have also hit back and threatened to topple him on charges of being a stumbling block to the black empowerment programme.