Zanu-PF Thugs To Pay For Torturing MDC Activist

Weston Katiyo, an MDC-T activist was awarded a US$12 168 compensation at the Harare High Court in November 2011 for damages sustained after he was abducted and assaulted by ZANU-PF militia in Murehwa on 13 June 2008.

 Katiyo, 70, was abducted by 14 Zanu-PF youths from his home in Jonga Village and taken to a torture base at Madamombe Business Centre some six kilometres away, where he was heavily assaulted for two days.

 During that period, another MDC activist, Chrispen Chinjeke collapsed and died due to the assaults.

 Those who were ordered to pay the damages are; Robson Marozva and Phanuel Nhenda.

“The respondents shall pay to the applicant jointly and severally, the one paying the other to be absolved the total sum of US$12 168 together with interest at the prescribed rate from the date of summons to date and full payment.  Respondents shall pay costs of suits,” reads the ruling made at the High Court.

During the assault, Katiyo’s right leg broke and he had to seek medical attention later.

Thousands of MDC-T activists were injured prior to the sham June 2008 presidential run-off after Zanu-PF and its presidential candidate, Robert Mugabe were defeated in the March 2008 elections by Tsvangirai.

Over 500 MDC-T activists died during this period.