Zanu (PF) To Set Up Own Schools

The proposed schools, to be dotted all over the country, will be modelled along those run by the Chinese Communist Party in China, according to a Zanu (PF) Central Committee report presented to Mugabe at the just ended 11th conference held in Mutare.

“Drawing lessons from the Chinese Communist Party, there was a call for a party school which should be used to build leadership and consciousness,” read the report.

The schools will teach young people about the history of the liberation struggle among many other related issues.

Zanu (PF) controls national youth training centres which are aimed at instilling ‘patriotism’ among young people in Zimbabwe.

However, graduates from the Border Gezi National Youth Training programmes have become infamous for spearheading violent attacks on supporters of the MDC-T and other political parties opposed to Zanu (PF).

Those who pass through this institution get first preference to join the military, police force and other jobs in government.

They also get preferential treatment at government run tertiary institutions. Even under qualified youths are considered for recruitment especially at teacher training colleges as long as they passed through the national youth training programmes.

The setting up of Zanu (PF) schools come at a time when political temperatures are rising amid fears next year’s poll will be characterised with violence.

Mugabe has resisted calls from some of his closest followers to allow the inclusive government to continue running the country.

They say the inclusive government has brought political stability and revived the economic.

But Mugabe says he is not happy with the other principals in the inclusive government because they sell out to whites.

Business leaders in Zimbabwe have also urged Mugabe not to press ahead with elections because this will upset the political stability. International and local human rights organizations also fear the election will be marred by violence.