Zanu-PF Wants Nkomo Statue To Be Unveiled At Conference

Apart from unveiling the statue Zanu-PF also wants the official renaming of a street to Joshua Nkomo as well as the airport to be done on the sidelines of their conference set for December 6-10, sources said.

Nkomo whose praise name is “Father Zimbabwe” died in July 1999 after merging his party, the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) with Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Union (ZAPU) to form Zanu-PF in 1987.

However, some senior ZAPU cadres who include Dumiso Dabengwa have since revived the party and are pushing for the return of the party’s properties from Zanu-PF.

The statue which was initially built was put down after the Nkomo family rejected it saying it was small and that they were not consulted by the government when the first statue was constructed.

“The plan is to have all senior officials in all the country’s political parties including diplomats and government officials attend the event as Zanu-PF is hosting its conference in Bulawayo,” a source said.

“The contractors have told the Zanu-PF officials that it will be impossible to finish their work on the statue by the time the conference starts.”

The Nkomo family are said to have refused another statue of the veteran leader to be built at the Karigamombe building in Harare.