Zanu PF warns Chiredzi North MP Bhila for interfering in tenders

By Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI – Zanu PF Masvingo provincial political commissar Jevas Masosota has criticised the conduct of Chiredzi North Member of Parliament (MP) Roy Bhila and director for the district Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) Soul Nyangoni with regards to their interference in a Cottco tender.

TellZim News reported recently how Bhila and Nyangoni arm-twisted the State-controlled cotton company’s Lowveld business manager Innocent Gukwe to cancel a staff transportation tender that had been awarded to John Manganye.

Manganye is a UK-based businessman who in 2018 contested for the Chiredzi West parliamentary seat on an opposition MDC Alliance ticket but lost to Farai Musikavanhu of Zanu PF.

At a Zanu PF inter-district meeting held at Chitsanga Hall on Tuesday, May 11, Masosota, who was seated next to Bhila, openly briefed Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs Ezra Chadzamira on the issue.

He told Chadzamira that there were some rogues in Zanu PF who were tarnishing the party’s image by influencing parastatals to withdraw contracts belonging to opposition members, real or perceived.

“There is an issue in which some party leaders arm-twisted Cottco to withdraw Manganye, an MDC Alliance member’s contract. I am going to make noise on that issue until that bus contract is restored.

“That person, minister, is the one who donated hospital beds, water tanks and an ambulance which you commissioned at Chiredzi Poly Clinic. Now he is doing business in his hometown and some people are sabotaging. How then will he learn the goodness of Zanu PF?” said Masosote.

In response, Chadzamira ordered party members to stop abusing government officials’ names when doing their dirty works.

“Whatever you do in your areas, please don’t throw in names for high officials. You have to stick with your own words not coercing people using high profile names,” said Chadzamira.

A few weeks ago, a telephone conversation between Bhila and Gukwe was leaked, with Bhila threatening the later to withdraw the contract.

The leaked conversation involved Nyangoni also piling pressure on Gukwe who at first tried to stand his ground but later gave up the fight.

Some names of Government officials including cabinet ministers were thrown around to intimidate Gukwe who eventually buckled.