Zanu (PF) Youth Wreck Havoc In Mbare

The move is  according to reports  in line  with  the  revolutionary party’s warning  to clamp down all MDC supporters after the World Cup, it  has emerged.

The affected MDC-T supporters who reside in Matererini flats in Mbare,Starman Chamisa,Patrick Kamanga,Hwamanda,Marshal and Titus Tsvangirai said they were now  residing  at the party’s Harvest  House after they were  forced out  of their homes on Wednesday  by the  rowdy Zanu (PF)militia.

“We are now living in fear. Zanu (PF) senior youth officer Jim Kunaka,Gonyora  the Harare’s party security officer and one Gobvu are  leading a  team of violent militia who are terrorising well  known MDC-T activists  in the in Mbare,” said Titus Tsvangirai.

“They  are  moving  around  in numbers singing revolutionary  songs and  telling residents  that they  were  waiting for the World cup to be  finalised so that they can unleash  violence. They  are threatening to evict  every MDC-T supporter residing  in any of Mbare hostels, saying  the (hostels) belong to Zanu (PF).

“After  the opening of  parliament on Tuesday  they  approached  our Matererini  hostel and ordered every one without Zanu (PF) membership card  to vacate,” he said at  the  MDC-T party headquarters in Harare.

Tsvangirai  added that the youth militia also warned to evict MDC supporters out of the market area.

Another MDC-T youth who claimed to  be  affected said he had been sleeping at  a friend’s house since Monday after he  was approached during the day by  some of the members  of Chipangano who  threatened him with  death.

“The told me that it was  high time they take my  life  because I  had  refused to join them. They also  said the unity government was among the three GPA  principals not party supporters because they were  not invited to sign the GPA.

The  MDC-T youths said they had reported the case to Mbare police and they had so far summoned one Zanu (PF) youth known as Gombo for questioning.

Zimbabwe Republic police Provincial spokesperson Inspector James Sabau said in a  telephone interview  that those reports had  not come to his attention.

“Those reports  have  not  yet reached our  office. I am however  going to contact Mbare police  stations and ascertain whether they  have received  such  complaints. As police we do  not  tolerate violence and  I  assure  you  that  if  such things are  happening perpetrators are  going to  be  brought to  book,” he said,  promising to get  back to this  reporter after his investigations.

A senior Zanu (PF) official based  in Ruwa told this reporter  recently that  they  were  waiting for the end  of the World Cup to  unleash violence against MDC.

On Tuesday in Harare at the event  marking the opening of the 3rd session of the parliament, Zanu (PF) bussed youth who came  and sang derogatory songs  against MDC-T party leader  Morgan Tsvangirai and
they were  not arrested  by the police  who were present.