Zanu (PF) Youths Demonstrate Against British Embassy Official

The Zanu (PF) youths were carrying placards denouncing the western targetted sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

A lorry ferrying the youths first dropped about 15 of them at Bonda Mission Hospital where the second secretary and her team toured the district hospital.

Some of the placards that they youths were carrying, although they were hardly visible read “Sanctions can’t make us vote for MDC”, “Sanctions in Zimbabwe are a crime”, Tsvangirai is a puppet,” and the famous saying by President Robert Mugabe:“Keep your England and I will
keep my Zimbabwe”.

The youths some of them who were visibly drunk and wtih some openly smoking dagga, walked in the school grounds when all the invited guests were seated and they surrounded everyone with their placards showing them to Dr Bennet who was representing the British Ambassador to Zimbabwe.

Member of Parliament for Mutasa Central Trevor Saruwaka who sourced funds to build the mortuary for the mission hospital denounced the behavior of the Zanu (PF) youths.

“I feel sorry for them, they really need to be prayed for, how can they just come and gate crash at a noble function like this,” said Saruwaka.

Saruwaka said he believed the people who demonstrated were bussed from some where and were not from St Barbra’s.

“I know the people in my constituency and these ones have been bussed from farms around Fricks which is 50 kilometers from here,” said Saruwaka. “I will ask God to forgive them.”

Saruwaka later invited the youths for lunch and refreshments and they gladly joined the invited guests.

Dr Bennet said her country will continue assisting Zimbabweans who are in need.

“We will continue supporting the people of Zimbabwe,” she said.

The mortuary, which has a capacity of three bodies, was built at a cost of US$80 690. The commissioning of the mortuary building means St Barbra’s villagers will no longer have to travel 22 kilometers to Bonda Mission Hospital or 42 kilometers to Traishill hospital to collect their deceased.