Zanu (PF) Youths Demonstrate Against US Ambassador

The Midlands Youth Dialogue organised by a non-governmental Organisation, Zimbabwe Organisation for the Youth in Politics (ZOYP), to launch a platform where youths from across the political divide could engage and deliberate on issues that affect Zimbabwean youths.

In an interview with Radio VOP, Nkosilathi Moyo of ZOYP said he had been disgusted by the conduct of the youth and the police that later cancelled the event that had been cleared by the police.

“This disruption has shown that Zimbabwean youths urgently need help. They have not started thinking independently and constructively and they need to be helped in this regard. This lack of professionalism has to stop with immediate effect if ever Zimbabwean youths are to develop,” Moyo told Radio VOP.

Moyo who did not want to mention that the youths belonged to Zanu (PF) only said, “The youths belong to the party that is known of violence. They have always been involved in violence and they still believe in violence. Everyone knows this party and we want to tell them that violence is not the way to address issues.”

Moyo said it was disheartening to note that they were attacking the American Ambassador for no reason.

“They were carrying placards inscribed, Ray remove sanctions first if you want to address Kwekwe,” said Nkosilathi.He said it was during the melee that police arrived at the venue and dispersed people announcing they had cancelled the event.

“What shocked us most was the conduct of the police led by one Inspector Tuna. Instead of dealing with those that caused the mayhem, as they were disrupting a lawful gathering, the police cancelled our meeting and dispersed the youths.”

When Radio VOP arrived in Kwekwe, most youths had dispersed from the venue however there were still posters at the walls. Some of the posters read, “We love our generals ,Cde Chiwenga, Shiri, Zimondi and Sibanda.”

Another poster read, “Ray mind your maintenance case, that is your business not what you want to get involved in.” While another read, “Youths of Midlands Province thank our revolutionary leader for giving us land, mines and black empowerment.”

However other youths who spoke to Radio VOP said they were ashamed of the conduct of Zanu (PF) youths.

“How can people disrupt something that was going to benefit us the youths?. This shows how senseless Zanu (PF) youths are,’ said Peter Ncube who had also attended the venue.

The Midlands provincial youth chairperson for Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC-T), Gilbert Shangwa who had attended the event, castigated the Zanu )PF) youths and said, “We are very disturbed by this conduct and we need to see reforms. Zanu (PF) should let national programmes go ahead without them disrupting.”

When Radio VOP sought comment from the police in Kwekwe, they professed ignorance and said they had not received feedback although there was heavy police presence in Kwekwe town.