Zanu PF Youths Detain Town Clerk

Gusha was detained  for nearly an hour the Zanu PF youths demanding that he abolishes some bus terminus dotted around the city and redirect buses to Mucheke in order for them to boost their business.

Led by self-styled “man of the cloth” Reverend Gashia Mundondo, Zanu PF supporters who were singing and dancing claimed that the MDC-T dominated council was giving them a raw deal by not facilitating in directing buses to the main terminus so that they get a lot of clients.

The Town Clerk pleaded with them to calm down so that he calls the mayor to jointly address the angry crowd.

RadioVOP was informed that Masvingo mayor Alderman Femias Chakabuda had to dump some council business that he was attending in Harare so that he would rush to rescue the Town Clerk.

“We are frustrated by the way in which this council is being run. We are now making loses at our flea markets at the Mucheke terminus because they (Council officials) created other terminuses in town thereby reducing the number of our potential clients.

“We had to confront the Clerk because the mayor was not around. However, after a couple of hours Chakabuda came and tried to down play our issue but we just gave him up to Monday to solve our problems,” said Mundondo.

However, soon after a meeting with the Zanu PF supporters, Chakabuda said it was surprising that they just ganged up to cause havoc at the council.

“I was shocked by the level of ignorance from those guys – they just held the town clerk at ransom. We however, tried to explain to them so that they would understand why their demands were to difficult to meet.

“I hope in the long run they will be able to understand council operations,” said Chakabuda.