Zanu (PF) Youths On A Rampage In Chitungwiza

Other victims of the attacks were vendors, shoppers and shop owners at the town’s largest shopping centre.

The youths dressed in 21 st February Movement T-Shirts beat Tinashe Mawoyo together with scores of other people who were drinking at Dande Bar at the weekend.

“They were eight of them and they beat me up because I was not wearing a Zanu (PF) T-shirt. They accused me of being an MDC-T supporter and I had to run for my life,” said Mawoyo.

A woman who did not want to be named said: “The Zanu (PF) youths were drunk and my husband was very lucky to escape unharmed since he is visibly sick. They had to let him go after one of the youths begged the others to live him since he was sick.”

Chitungwiza has been gripped with sporadic cases of political violence. In Unit O in Seke, Zanu (PF) supporters have been forcing residents to buy party cards for US$2.

The people are also being forced to attend party meetings by a Zanu (PF) leader in the area identified as Makonese. The Zanu PF leader is accused by the residents of being behind the wave of terror in the area.

Over the weekend Makonese told residents that they should all travel to Harare and sign an anti-sanctions petition at the national launch at Harare Show Grounds.

President Mugabe is billed to officiate at the launch of the campaign where Zanu (PF) is expecting a massive crowd in protest of the West imposed sanctions on Mugabe and his allies.

The old Harare Suburb of Mbare has been the worst hit as more cases of political violence have been reported. Residents in the suburb are no longer playing parties or engaging in family social gathering as Zanu (PF) youths disrupt them interrogating them on why they are enjoying themselves.