Zanu(PF) Squabbles Destroying Zim Brand: Mzembi

Tourism minister Walter Mzembi has blamed Zanu PF’s endless internal fights and the country’s perpetual election mode for negatively affecting efforts to market Zimbabwe as a safe investment and tourist destination. 

Addressing journalists in the capital on Monday, Mzembi said the country could have successfully capitalised on last week’s Sadc Summit in Harare to rebrand and market itself in the region, but the political situation on the ground painted a grim picture.

“Imagine what we could leverage with the Sadc summit in Harare. The emphasis on politics is too much,” Mzembi said.

Mzembi has also fallen victim to Zanu PF internal fights after his home province Masvingo recently recommended his suspension from the party for allegedly aligning himself to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s camp.

He was accused of allegedly being sympathetic to Mujuru.

But the Masvingo South MP yesterday scoffed at the suspension which he claimed was communicated to him via WhatsApp.

Mzembi has also clashed with Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mahofa who accused him of grabbing a farm in the province.

“Well, the President is dealing with that. It is another issue where, not pertaining to how right I may feel, again I have to shy away from conflict. I cannot be seen being positioned in the market place as a farm grabber as my detractors may attempt to describe,” Mzembi said.

“It is managing conflict around the brand. I shy away from conflict. I can’t market Zimbabwe when I am in controversy on anything. And I think my detractors know that. They want to smear and undermine my mandate from that perspective.”