ZANU(PF) Youths Launch Blitz Against Gays

It all started with the victims quarrelling amongst themselves at the bar counter before they dragged each other to the bar toilet.

The scuffle attracted the attention of suspected ZANU PF youths who were patrons in the bar who followed the group to the toilet shouting that they have an order to eliminate homosexuals in the country.

ZANU PF has maintained its stance against the practice of homosexual and judging by the language the assaulters were in line with the party’s view on homosexuals.

After some few minutes the victims escaped from the bar through the assistance of sympathizers but it was too let as they were bleeding.

Radio VOP spoke to the leader of the youths who said they knew the group as being gays who regularly patronise up market bars in the city centre.

“We are on a national blitz on gays. They are antagonising our culture. The President has on uncountable occasion said this practice should not be tolerated in this country. More these gays always patronise this beer gardern. We are saying from today onwards we are going to track them down, “ the youths leader said.

The issue of homosexuals has aroused emotions in the country with ZANU (PF) in forefront of denouncing the vulnerable group.

Over the past two weeks in Harare the police have been harassing members of the Gays and Lesbian association of Zimbabwe until Thursday when they finally pressed charges against them.

The harassment has been condemned worldwide with EU pledging its support to GALZ.

In his comment ZANU (PF) Harare province chairperson person Jim Kunaka who said they will not tolerate homosexuals.

“We will not allow the enemy smuggle their western ideologies into this country. Every country has its own culture and homosexuality is not part of our culture. Herein Zimbabwe what is normal is the marriage between males and females period,”

Political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya said, “We must launch national blitz against political violence, corruption. We need a national blitz against ZANU(PF) impunity, not against gays. In fact the greatest let down of the prosperity of this country is ZANU (PF) not gays.

“This group has not committed any crimes unless they have proposed love to those not affiliated with them. If they have not proposed love to you and if they have not interfered with your wellbeing what problems do you have with them? It is their own private business and they should be left alone.

“The like of Jim Kunaka and Jabulani Sibanda are the people who have caused havoc and disharmony in this country. They are an anathema to the police and governance of this country and these are the people who we need a national blitz against”.

Observers say politicians are the ones who are giving the vulnerable group lime light adding that if the issue ceases to be discussed the whole debate will die a natural death.