Zapu Battling to Delete Zanu-PF Violence Tag

However, the party is facing thee hurdle of extinguishing Zanu-PF’s violent tag since 2000 controversial land reform program.

Villagers who spoke to Radio VOP said many war veterans around Hurungwe campaigned for Madiro who operated a violent campaign.

“Villagers were coerced to vote for Zanu-PF whether we supported Madiro’s candidature or not. Some of us wanted Justin for a change but some war veterans thought otherwise’’ says Kamhuka.

Kamhuka is now a resettled farmer at a farm near Tengwe and recalls, “we had Muneri Chakwana aka Black Jesus, Comrade Dhongi, Ncube among others who accompanied Madiro and instilled fear into villagers and farm labourers”.

Some war veterans are testing their own medicine after majority joined Zapu formation here.

Alex Chiwara, a Zipra cadre, is among them as he was threatened with death and eviction by Madiro at Nyamabizi farm in February. The case is still pending.

“We are telling the masses that we fought for their independence and will never let Zanu-PF brutalise them again.

“Zapu can not dump them for a party that has senior officials whose hands are dripping with blood,’’ says Chiwara during outreach programs at Tengwe business centre, 50 kilometers east of Karoi town.

Former Zipra forces ‘crossed floor’ to rejoin Zapu face a hurdle to ‘extinguish the violent Zanu PF tag’.

They were part of campaign and farm invasion teams.

However, Zapu spokesperson Methuseli Moyo says Zapu has always been, is and will always be a national party as it fought to liberate all Zimbabwe but was prevented from ruling by tribalists.

“Many of older generation at one time joined Zanu-PF but the good thing is that most people are leaving it to join MDCs, Zapu, Mavambo or other parties’’, adds Moyo in a written response.

Moyo further said there was no Unity to celebrate as Zanu split from Zapu in 1963.

Harare based political and social commentator Hopewell Gumbo says, Zapu will never manage 5 percent of voters in elections as it is a collection of the old horses, a number from Zanu-PF some are beneficiaries of land reform and leaders of violent episodes since

“It is now a regional party as opposed to its role before independence, this has negative impact on their capacity,” says Gumbo.

Gumbo admits that the essence of Unity Accord is far from being achieved saying, “people are still divided along lines of riches and poverty. The current political set up does not seem to understand the need for social and economic justice to achieve peace and unity’’.