ZAPU Castigates Mathema’s Interference, Asks Him To Back Off

Zapu spokesperson for the southern region, Methuseli Moyo, on Friday issued a press statement telling the Bulawayo governor to zip it up.

This is after Mathema attacked Zapu’s celebrations in the state controlled daily Chronicle describing it as a cheap move to gain votes in Matabeleland and an insult to Joshua Nkomo, the late Vice President who led the party from 1961 to 1987.

“It is very wrong for (Dumiso) Dabengwa to claim that they are the original Zapu. For someone to claim this is a direct insult to (Dr Joshua) Nkomo,” he said.

Moyo retaliated saying Mathema should leave his party, “to do our thing in peace”.

“True Zapu is 50 years old. That our party and Zanu-PF joined each other in 1987 did not mean Zapu stopped existing. Zapu continued to exist in the united Zanu-PF until December 2008 when we decided to pull out.

“In the same vein, Zanu continued to exist in the unity accord and will be 50 in 2013. Mathema in particular had long rebelled against Zapu during the war and was Zanu, anyway, even before the unity accord.

“He is free to remain where he is and feed his family. His happiness in Zanu-PF is his alone,” he said.