Zapu Leaders Join ANC Election Campaign

Municipal elections in South Africa are held every five years and this year’s elections are said to be crucial for all the contesting parties that want to control major cities in different provinces. The Zapu members, officials  and party president Dumiso Dabengwa have also been invited to grace President Jacob Zuma’s Siyanqoba rally to close the election campaign on Sunday.

Siyanqoba rallies are the equivalent of Mugabe’s so called star rallies which used to be popular in the 80s and early 90s.Last week the Zapu leaders attended the 25th Anniversary of the Alex 6 Days War of 1986. According to Gidliza Mwelase, a Zapu Gauteng official, the party members are assisting the ANC in its door to door campaign and putting up posters in the townships.

Last week the Zapu leaders attended the 25th Anniversary of 19 ANC cadres who were shot and killed by apartheid police in what has become known as Alex Six Days War of 1986.

“ Our members are busy putting up ANC posters in the townships and we as leaders will assist in other ways.We want the ANC to win this election, ” Mwelase told Radio Vop.Dabengwa and his delegation were given a standing ovation by ANC leaders, supporters and former members of the party’s armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK).At the ceremony Deputy Minister Obed Bapela remembered that during the funeral of the  activists slain by apartheid police, mourners sang the song “ Mugabe dedela umkhonto uzosikhulula (Mugabe allow Umkhonto weSizwe to pass through Zimbabwe and liberate us)”.
The Zimbabwe security officials instead arrested scores of MK cadres and refugees forcing hundreds who were based in Bulawayo to return to Zambia.This was after Zimbabwean security agencies had denied MK cadres access to routes that were used by Zipra during the war.This was during the time when Zimbabwean security agencies were at war with Zapu and Zipra.

Zipra and MK signed a military and political alliance in 1967 and included two platoons from Zipra led by the late John Dube.The MK supplied one platoon led by the late Chris Hani.