ZBC Board Shocked By SW Station Dilapidation

Gweru, April 23, 2014-The ZBC board has expressed dismay over the failure by the national broadcaster and Transmedia to solve transmission challenges that have bedevilled Voice of Zimbabwe (VOZ) in Gweru since October last year.

The Gweru-based VOZ shortwave radio station has not been transmitting any signal since October last year, following the breakdown of transmitters.

ZBC board members, who toured the facilities in Gweru, expressed concern over the state of affairs at the VOZ, saying the breakdown in transmission is as bad as shutting down a whole station without following due process.

VOZ was established to counter alternative Short Wave radio stations like Radio VOP, VOA’s Studio 7 and SWRadio Africa which sprung up in order to counter the ZBC monopoly and its Zanu (PF) propaganda.