ZBC Launches Anti-Copac Draft Constitution Program

The program POWER TALK launched this week on Power FM formerly Radio 3 is aired every Monday and Tuesday between 2100hrs and 2200hrs and is co-hosted by Oscar Pambuka and Kudzai Mtunami.

Power Talk is heavy advertised on all the four ZBC radio stations including its two television stations.

Only Zanu PF sympathisers are invited to the program where they lambast not only Copac draft constitution but the two MDC formations which are Zanu PF partners to the Global Political Agreement .

The state broadcaster during the program does not open phone lines for the public to respond and share their opinion on the topic.

This is done without giving the two MDC formations and Copac team’s chance to reply.

Zanu PF is opposed to the COPAC draft constitution which it says recognises gay rights which are alien to Zimbabwe.

The party is also claiming that the draft constitution left out the views of the people and should not be adopted.

Giving these reasons Zanu PF amended  Copac  draft constitution and forwarded the amendments to its partners in the inclusive government for adoption.

But MDC parties have refused it thereby creating a deadlock which last week attracted Sadc facilitation team.

President Jacob Zuma’s facilitation team however, failed to unlock the deadlock which is expected to be broken by a special SADC summit for Zimbabwe.

Zanu PF wants to revert to the old Lancaster House Constitution which gives it electoral advantage if the deadlock fails to be broken.