ZCTU’s Salaries Disclosures Move Is Suicidal : IPC

ZCTU the umbrella trade union for workers in Zimbabwe threatened to ‘name and shame’ companies that are paying low salaries to their workers whilst their executives are earning huge salaries. ZCTU said there is a big difference between a lowly paid worker and the chief executives officers of some private sector companies. The federation said some company executives were earning US$ 10 000 while their employees were earning below US$510, which is the poverty datum line.
“The call by the ZCTU for the disclosure of salaries for top executives maybe noble but the reasoning behind is not. Our analysis of the salaries presented in this report indicates that most of the companies paying very well are doing well. As long as the shareholders of these companies are happy with what their executives are delivering, it is not the business of the ZCTU to put a cap on these salaries,” IPC said in their report titled Salaries Trend in Zimbabwe.
“What should be of concern for the ZCTU is companies that are paying extremely well their top executives but at the same time under performing. It would be interesting to know if the ZCTU leadership earns the same salaries as their lower level workers. The bottom line is while labour would want employers to peg salaries to the PDL that model is suicidal. If you pay salaries beyond your means it’s a sure way to bankruptcy. No normal business is able to pay more than what they are producing.”
IPC produced a report on the salaries trend of 44 organisations and 7 130 employees outside government service. The number of participating organisations were distributed as follows: Manufacturing (12), Banking(7), Insurance (3), Hospitality(4), Mining(6),Retail(1), Telecoms(5), `Quasi Govermement (3),Property(1), Motor(1) and Commercial (1).
The research showed that less than 1% of the employees earn below $200 per month. Less than 15%  of the employees earn below $500. Over 58% of the employees earn above $1000 per month.15.5% of the employees earn over $3000 per month in total cash.7.4% of the employees earn over $5000 per month. 1.2% of the employees earn over $10000 per month, IPC said. The highest paid workers according to industry in their order are mining, hospitality, manufacturing,insurance, quasi-governmental , telecommunications and banking sector respectively.
Lovemore Matombo, the president of the ZCTU , told members of his association on Workers Day that the trade union will go ahead to “name and shame” executives receiving unlimited benefits of mobile phone charges, fuel, entertainment, school fees and lunch allowances above their salaries.
Zimbabwe restive government workers are earning slightly below or above US$ 200. The government workers whose majority are teachers have been mulling to embark on a full strike in the past weeks, however some of the unions have been saying they want to give government time to review their salaries. Newspaper reports last months said civil servants were awarded a US$31 salary increment.
Zimbabwe has over 85 percent of its potential workers unemployed.