Zembe – I'm very bitter about GNU

“Unfortunately the three leaders of the Global Political Agreement are very selfish. They are now working for themselves and not for the country. At first we all thought they were nationalists and were working for all of us. Unfortunately they are all working for themselves which is very bad,” he told Radio VOP.

A very soft spoken but sophisticated business tycoon, Zembe is a former liberation struggle fighter. His company does consultancy for top firms in Zimbabwe.

The three leaders of the GPA are President Robert Mugabe of the former ruling party, Zanu (PF), Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC-T and Arthur Mutambara, of MDC-M, now simply known as MDC because constitutional lawyer, Welshman Ncube, recently took the leadership from Mutambara’s grip.

“There is violence in Zimbabwe which can destabilise the country again bringing back what we went through when the Zimbabwe dollar dropped to its lowest levels with rampant inflation,” said Zembe.

“We do not and should not go back to the days of the worthless currency. I am sure we can do it and we will do it if the leaders work for the nation and not for themselves,” a worried Zembe, clad in a blue sports jacket, said sitting in his very neat office on the 10th floor of a plush air-conditioned building across Karigamombe Centre in Harare’s Central Business District (CBD).

“Our leaders are selfish, have personal interests and they do not have a national ethos,” Zembe said. “When they sing the National Anthem I do not think they actually know what the words in the song mean. They simply sing it like any child would do so when told by their teacher. They are not working for the interest of the nation but for themselves.”

Zembe said the violence currently sweeping through the nation, especially in Harare, was bringing the economy to its knees because no investor would be interested in Zimbabwe because the so-called war veterans were simply grabbing land and companies.

“The new Indigenisation Act is not bad but we need to respect the rule of law and allow individuals to own their businesses and not be afraid of anything,” Zembe said.

“If unruly youths especially from Zanu (PF) go on the rampage across the country then their leader must bring them to book and not allow them to terrorise the nation. We cannot afford to have such a situation when we, in fact, are trying to re-build our struggling economy which is in shambles right now.”

Zembe said while it was not conducive to hold elections it was good to hold them if the law said “we must do so”. “We must hold elections if they are to be held at the specific time and date appointed,” he said.
“We must not say the time is not conducive simply because the leaders will not benefit from them because they are all selfish.”

He said international credit lines had been stopped, and there was no confidence in Zimbabwe by the international community.

“I am not against economic empowerment,” Zembe went on. “But this must be done with our people at heart. Why grab commercial farms and companies from innocent civilians who have struggled to bring them up especially when things were very bad in Zimbabwe?”

“I fully support it but I do not subscribe to violence and grabbing land from people even if they are white.”

He said people should be able to own what they have and the country needed a working culture as a way forward.

“Our National Emblem has Unity, Peace and Work, as its logo,” he pointed out.”It is unfortunate to see our leaders, who should uphold values be in the forefront of violating the same values. They sing the National Anthem but do they understand it.”

Looking forward, Zembe said we must stop the violence rocking Zimbabwe and introduce a culture of work and peace.

“Both the MDC-T and Zanu (PF) are engaged in violence and this is very bad,” Zembe said.

“I am a Zimbabwean and will remain one all my life,” he added.

Armed with a Masters of Business Studies (MBA) degree, he is past President of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), the largest gathering of small-scale business entrepreneurs in the country right now.

He is also a past President of the Zimbabwe Institute of Management (ZIM) another top and very influential gathering of business leaders in the country.

He has opened the Ambassadors Advent Academy (AAC) in Kambuzuma where he plans to train top class business entrepreneurs who will take the country to much higher levels than he has.