Zera Warns Zesa Over Corruption

By Kenneth Matimaire

Mutare, November 02, 2016 – THE Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) has warned the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) to spruce up its image which has been battered by endless allegations of corruption by officials.

The matter was raised in a letter written by Zera and issued to the management of the state run entity.

Zera chief executive officer, Gloria Magombo on Friday confirmed to RadioVOP that they had urged the power utility to spruce up its image which has earned a negative reputation among local energy consumers.

Magombo said the letter raised allegations of corruption within the parastatal as well as its highly perceived high electricity rates.

“We summarised the consumer concerns, which we gathered during public consultations and some of the issues that were raised were that there is a perception that there is corruption within Zesa and that the costs are too high and hence we urged them to improve their efficiency. 

“So this is what the letter which we wrote to Zesa summarised,” she said.

Magombo said they have on numerous occasions invited Zesa’s top management to attend the public meetings where they were told point blank by consumers that they were corrupt.

“The contents of the letter were not something new to Zesa,” she said.

“We have been moving with them (Zesa) in public meetings where their top officials were told in their faces by consumers that we think you are corrupt. And they had to answer by saying if there is any suspicions of corruption, members of the public should report them so that we take care of them,” she said.

Magombo said the motive of the letter was to remind Zesa over the negative perception member of the public have on the institution and the need to win back the confidence of consumers.