ZESA Officials Demanding Bribes To Attend To Faults

At a residents meeting, Waterford (ward 4), residents said ZESA officials were soliciting for bribes to attend to faults. They indicated that some areas, like Locke View, had gone without electricity for more than two months because residents refused to bribe ZESA officials or contribute money to buy fuel for these officials.

Residents agreed that parastatals were not adding value to their lives and there was need for a monitoring mechanism that will provide checks and balances for officials in these companies. This move would curb corruption and make sure that parastatal leaders who were paid fortunes delivered and were accountable to the residents, the consumers.

In another development, residents in Nketa 9 (ward 25) have told the Mayor of the City of Bulawayo, Cllr Thaba Moyo, that they will not recognise any special interest councilors imposed to the city of Bulawayo.

At a meeting to provide a platform for engagement between the residents and the Mayor organised by the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association, residents indicated to the Mayor that if the same partisan councilors announced in 2008 by local Government Minister Igantius Chombo were forced into the council chambers, residents would resort to legal action.

Residents said special interest councilors should either posses special skills needed by the local authority or should represent special interest groups like people living with disabilities, youths and women.

Chombo announced a team of special interest councilors made up of losing Zanu (PF) councilors.

Residents in Bulawayo also asked the local authority to intervene in solving the looming disaster at Cowdray Park – Hlalani Kuhle Project.

The government has failed to provide resources for sewer and water reticulation at Cowdray Park. The Hlalani Kuhle Project that was meant for the victims of the chaotic and ill advised operation Murambatsvina only benefitted a few poor people and the beneficiaries have since been asked to pay for their sewer and water reticulation.