Zifa Benefactor Chivayo Pulls Out

HARARE businessman Wicknell Chivayo (pictured) has pulled the plug on his sponsorship deal with Zifa after he was infuriated by reports that he had failed to pay Warriors coach Kalisto Pasuwa’s salary in the last two months.

The outspoken businessman, who calls himself Sir Wicknell, is well known for making provocative statements on social media. Yesterday he took to the same platform to attack Pasuwa accusing him of being ungrateful and leaking the confidential information to the media.

He confirmed yesterday that the page belonged to him, adding that he stood by what is contained in the Facebook post.

No discussion has been held between Chivayo and Zifa since he reached the decision to end the relationship.

Chivayo had promised to pay Pasuwa’s $7 000 monthly salary in a deal he struck with Zifa president Philip Chiyangwa.

A furious Chivayo, who claims to have poured $600 000 in Zifa’s coffers, however, said he will honour his promise of paying Pasuwa’s salary for his two-year contract, but will not make any more cash commitments to the mother body.

In one of his long Facebook posts, he bragged about his wealth, and attacked Pasuwa as ungrateful, adding that he did not wish to associate with him in the future.

“To cut a long story short, this officially marks the end of my sponsorship for the Warriors for 2016,” read part of the post on his account yesterday.

“It takes a lot of love to spend $600 000 on people you don’t know or are not even related to you. So you will all appreciate my reasons for reacting this way in the circumstances. I can’t tolerate ungrateful people and I will never take this type of rubbish in my life. It’s a different thing if I wasn’t paying their bills and giving them money immediately upon request.

However, having said that as a gesture and as a level-headed person I will go ahead and set up the escrow account today and make sure Pasuwa’s one-year salary is secured. Other than that for now I will also give others a chance to support national pride.”

The businessman last year signed a $1 million partnership with Zifa, with part of the money settling Zifa’s debt with former Warriors coach Tom Saintfiet.

He said he had given Zifa $478 000 in addition to purchasing two vehicles for Pasuwa and Mighty Warriors head coach Shadreck Mlauzi, at a total cost of $110 000.

Last week, he rewarded Warriors players with Samsung S7 mobile phones each for beating Swaziland in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match.

Zifa also received $32 000 from Chivayo to offset part of the debt which arose from staging the match against Swaziland, although he claims to have given them $72 000.

Chivayo also claimed he gave Pasuwa $3 000 for lunch when he visited him at his offices to inquire about his salary on an unknown date.