Zifa Employees Fired

The two are alleged to have been conniving with player agents to issue out international clearances without the knowledge of the Chief Executive Officer nor the Zifa board.

Player agents have a percentage for negotiating deals between players and  clubs and for sourcing the international clearances.

No player can move from Zimbabwe to play for another club outside the country without an international clearance from the Zimbabwe Football Association. For example, the South African Football Association or any other outside football federation cannot register a Zimbabwean player with any club in that country without a clearance from Zifa.

Zifa too has to get the go ahead from the player’s local club before they can issue that international clearance.

The two are alleged to have been issuing these international clearances to foreign federations without authority. Most of the international clearances are said to have gone to the  South African Football Association.

A visit to the Zifa offices revealed that there is now a new CEO’s secretary and CEO Jonathan Mashingaidze confirmed Samukange was no longer part of the Zifa secretariat adding that investigations have also been opened in how some players have found themselves in foreign countries without authority from the football controlling body.

This is not the first time that Zifa have been rocked by an international clearance scandal as a few years back, there were allegations that a number of Zimbabwean players were moving to Polish clubs without proper clearance from the football controlling body.

Results of the investigation that followed were never made public.