Zifa Official Faces Theft Charge

Taruva is accused of converting to his use funds paid out by journalists for accreditation between 2008 and 2010.Journalists pay US$10 annually for accreditation to cover international matches.

He is alleged to have issued out receipts from his own book instead of the Zifa receipt book and converted the money to his use.

In the second charge Taruva is accused of interfering with investigations into the trip to Asia by contacting through the phone national team players and persuading them not to testify before the probe. In the last charge, the suspended official is accused of rubbishing the new Zifa board by issuing a statement to the Press to the effect that Zifa contributed nothing towards the Under 17 team’s trip to Singapore for the World Youth Olympics.

In his defence, Taruva claims he is being victimised because of his relationship with suspended Zifa Chief Executive Officer HenriettaRushwaya whom he alleges the new Zifa board wants to get rid of. Taruva’s father and Rushwaya’s mother are brother and sister.

Taruva has also asked Zifa to provide copies of the receipts he issued out contending that payment for accreditation was done in another office and his duty was to vet journalists and authorise their accreditation.