Zifa Sets Up Minimum Gate Charge

This was revealed by Zifa board member, Elliot Kasu, who said this was because the Warriors were a high value brand. The minimum gate charge used to be $5.

Zifa recently was forced to reduce gate charges from $10 to $5 in Zimbabwe’s last home game against Angola after only a few fans turned up to watch the game.

“We have made this announcement well in advance to make the fans aware of the new minimum charge so that they are prepared when we play our next home game,” said Kasu.

Kasu argued that in other African countries, fans paid more than $10 to watch their national team giving an example of Uganda which charged $20 for the cheapest seat.

However, the organising secretary of the Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association, Fortune Bwoni, criticised the increase saying many fans would not be able to watch the game.

The next competitive home match involving the Warriors is next June when the team plays Egypt in a 2014 World Cup qualifier. After that the team plays Mozambique in September in the same tournament.