ZIFA To Deal With Soccer Players Exodus

Zifa president Cuthbert Dube said the association was worried by the player exodus, which was affecting the standard of the domestic game.

Dube revealed that his board would come up with measures that would limit the number of players each club would be allowed to export to South Africa in one year or season.

He said football standards in the Premier Soccer League have plummeted to very low levels because of lack of quality players since most of them were leaving for South Africa.

This year alone, one team CAPS United sold five players to different South African clubs leaving them with a makeshift squad that brought shame to Zimbabwe by being humilliated by Al Hilal of Sudan in the Caf Confederations Cup.

This has to stop if the PSL has to maintain its status as one of the best leagues on the continent, said Dube.

Because of  its clubs good show in the Cat Champions League and the Caf Confederations Cup, Zimbabwe has two slots in each of the competitions while the other countries have one.

Dube said he was surprised that Zimbabwean footballers were more intent at moving to South Africa when the best in that country had their eyes firmly on playing in Europe.

There has always been debate as to whether Zimbabwean players were benefiting anything by playing in the South African National Soccer League. Although there has been suggestions that there is more money in South Africa, most of the Zimbabweans have come back with nothing to show for it at the end of their careers.