Zifa To Limit Players Who Can Be Exported

ZIFA acting Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Mashingaidze said the national football federation will allow only three players to be exported per club in one season.

Mashingaidze said the transfers were affecting the smooth flow of football since they took place when the Zimbabwean soccer season was in progress.

He said the move was not only aimed at stopping the high number of players going outside but also to  avoid the haphazard manner in which the clubs wanted to register new players.

A club needs an international clearance letter from the Zimbabwe football Association for a player to move to a foreign club. Only last year, one club CAPS United sold five players to South African clubs during mid season and needed to also replace them.

There has also been concern from the general public that the lax rules in domestic football were causing the high players exodus that was draining the country of most of its top players, some of whom were leaving for countries with mediocre football leagues.

Most of the players who led Zimbabwe to February’s African Nations Championships are no longer available to play at the finals as they have already been transferred to foreign clubs. Gunners sold four players to South African clubs during mid season while Monomotapa after their 2009 Caf Champions League campaign sold three players and for that matter to one team TP Mazembe of the DRC.

Mashingaidze added that Zifa had also resolved to have clubs register only 25 players in one season.

”We have realised that some of the clubs were taking advantage of the larger pool of players.We have allowed them to export players at will. They know that if they sell five players, they will still have 25 to count on,” he said.